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Wise Quote:"To travel is to discover that everyone is wrong about other countries".
Aldous Huxley

Safety: Botswana and Namibia are political stable and have a huge growth over the last 20 years in international tourism.
Self Driving: Drive ONLY in daylight. Try to be at your next location before 4 pm. Be in time for a sunset drink and time to relax before dinner. Donkeys, cattle, elephants and other wild animals move mostly at night. This makes driving at night extremely dangerous.
Road Rules: Same Road Rules as New Zealand. Speed Cameras are common. Speed limit is 120 kph on mayor roads and 60 kph in towns. Keep to the speed limit or you WILL be fined. This will be a hold-up and can be troublesome to make the payment. Drive 80 kph on metal roads.
Money: Pay as much as possible by Credit Card. This way you will pay the minimum bank fees and commission. ATM Bank machines are available at all mayor towns. Let your Kiwi Bank know you are travelling to Africa to avoid a block on your account.
Drivers Licence: New Zealand Drivers licences are valid in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. You will encounter a number of traffic check points while self-driving in Namibia and Botswana. They will check your divers licence at all the points. Get an International Licence as some policeman does not know it and this will prevent an argument when stopped.
Border Crossings - Person: You will cross the border between the countries. Make sure you have a pen with you as an Arrival and Departure Form has to be filled out on every crossing. It can take at least an hour on each crossing.
Border Crossings - Car: If you self-drive you will have to pay road tax when crossing into Namibia and Botswana. Always make sure you have some of the local currency available when making a crossing. South African Rands are accepted. Make sure you have a border crossing approval letter when you cross the border into any African Country. Request this letter of approval from your car rental company.
African People: Africans are very friendly in general except some customs and police officers. Always greet first with a smile. A good understanding of the African Culture will be helpful.
Language: Most Africans speak English in these countries. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly. They will find it difficult to understand the Kiwi accent.

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